Eastract recovery in progress

What is EasTract Recovery?

An EasTract is a specialised recovery vehicle that is designed to recover vehicles from hard to reach areas. Its caterpillar tracks ensure that it can grip difficult to navigate terrain and pull vehicles with ease.

RNW are able to quickly deploy EasTrac to any site within the North West of England and North Wales.

Light recovery by EasTract

EasTract in action

The EasTract vehicle is operated remotely by one of our specially trained recovery operatives. The forks of the EasTract slide underneath the vehicle’s tyres. It is then carefully lifted off the ground.

From there, we are able to carefully manoeuvre the vehicle on to one of our recovery vehicles for transport. We’re then able to transport the recovered vehicle to anywhere in the country.

The EasTract is capable of lifting up to 2.5 tons. It has both the benefits of a tow truck and a tracked vehicle which means that there are very few places where RNW cannot recover from.

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